General Graham Reimer 19 Apr

Hey!  my blog is now hosted at Check out all my new posts and udates there. You can suscribe, comment, follow and learn as much as possible!  Thanks for following and being a fan of my work. I look forward to serving you and my client base for a long time and make sure my […]

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Economic Principles by Ray Dalio

General Graham Reimer 8 Dec

I have been hacking my way through Tony Robbins most recent book, Money: Master the Game. Great book with lots of insights on investing, saving, planning, etc. One of the chapters recommends watching this video, and so I did.  I am not highly recommending you do as well! It is only a half hour of […]

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Alberta Budget understood by our Economist

General Graham Reimer 28 Oct

Enormous Challenges for the Alberta Budget   With the Alberta economy hitting the skids, the Notley government faced conflicting goals–diversifying away from the hard-hit oil sector, stimulating the economy and putting the province back on a path to a balanced budget. In June, the government introduced legislation to increase spending for health care, education and […]

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Bank of Canada drops lending rates again!

General Graham Reimer 15 Jul

Hey!  Bank of Canada decided to drop rates again. This will be an interesting second half of the year to see if this will stimulate the economy, or simply just make rates lower with no real results. I am also hoping that the banks pass on the lower savings with prime to clients that have […]

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Mortgage Tips for Nurses and Teachers!

General Graham Reimer 14 Jun

Mortgage Tips for Nurses and Teachers!  Hey, all you nurses and teachers out there! If you find yourself looking to buy a home, but don’t think you are ready yet, this is a good article for you to find out for sure. As a health care professional or educator you have a union and/or a […]

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Thank you! Top 50!

General Graham Reimer 5 Apr

Thank you to all my referral sources and clients for helping me hit the Top 50 in Canada for number of mortgages funded in February. Out of the 2500 mortgage brokers across Canada, you helped me hit #30. WOW. Thank you!!  Here is a copy of the certificate.  Number_of_Mortgages_Funded_-_2015_-_Graham_Reimer_-_February_.pdf

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Can I include some personal debts in my mortgage?

General Graham Reimer 29 Mar

Can I include some personal debts in my mortgage?   I get this question a lot! Probably once a week.   The answer? Yes and No.   To be honest, this is a great question and is completely understandable why I hear it so often. Who wouldn’t want to include some unsecured debts at 10-20% […]

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Will the Bank of Canada Cut Interest Rates Again On March 4, 2015?

General Graham Reimer 3 Mar

In January, the Bank of Canada cut interest rates by one-quarter-percentage point. This led to a number of our offices reporting higher than usual activity over the last month. So, will the Bank of Canada make an additional cut when they meet tomorrow?  Here is a video from Dominion Lending Centres very own Chief Economist weighing in […]

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